Friday, 2 August 2013

Graphic Design and Graphic Design, What's the Difference?

For some readers may have heard and are familiar with the name DKV and graphic design. But we still sometimes difficult to distinguish with certainty the two. Is imagined by most of us (including me), just the things that relate to drawing, poster, Corel Draw, Photoshop, and other graphic applications. Really? Well, now we will discuss matters related to DKV.

To understand DKV, then we can see from the elements. DKV consists of three elements, namely Design, Communication, and Visual. With respect to the design aesthetic design, based on taste and creativity. While the science of communication is conveying a message. And visual means can be seen. From the translation of the elements above it can be concluded that the DKV is the study of the concept of communication to convey a message or idea visually through the media based on creativity.

Unlike the graphic design is two-dimensional, DKV are broader. If the example of graphic design products are posters, pamphlets, or comic. DKV is the product of posters, pamphlets, comics, photography, 3D, animation, video, or other electronic media. From these examples we can know the product that scope DKV wider than graphic design. In other words, graphic design included into scope DKV.

Well, the difference is explained. Now we are able to distinguish with certainty between DKV and graphic design. End of the word, may be useful!

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