Friday, 2 August 2013

Graphic Design and Graphic Design, What's the Difference?

For some readers may have heard and are familiar with the name DKV and graphic design. But we still sometimes difficult to distinguish with certainty the two. Is imagined by most of us (including me), just the things that relate to drawing, poster, Corel Draw, Photoshop, and other graphic applications. Really? Well, now we will discuss matters related to DKV.

To understand DKV, then we can see from the elements. DKV consists of three elements, namely Design, Communication, and Visual. With respect to the design aesthetic design, based on taste and creativity. While the science of communication is conveying a message. And visual means can be seen. From the translation of the elements above it can be concluded that the DKV is the study of the concept of communication to convey a message or idea visually through the media based on creativity.

Unlike the graphic design is two-dimensional, DKV are broader. If the example of graphic design products are posters, pamphlets, or comic. DKV is the product of posters, pamphlets, comics, photography, 3D, animation, video, or other electronic media. From these examples we can know the product that scope DKV wider than graphic design. In other words, graphic design included into scope DKV.

Well, the difference is explained. Now we are able to distinguish with certainty between DKV and graphic design. End of the word, may be useful!

The most advanced computer in the world today

Could not be denied if the computer has changed human lifestyle. Such as advanced computer 7. Super computer initially not like computers in general. Super computers are made to face the many complex calculations that can not be made ​​a regular computer.

IBM's Watson supercomputer Watson,
Nickname of the computer was a loyal friend doctor to provide the latest cancer data, diagnostics and creating the most personalized treatment plan for the patient. Not similar to other supercomputer, Watson can process and understand the language well enough. IBM says that, with its memory of Watson can process 500 GB of information per second. This is the equivalent of 1 million books per second.

  Fiujitsu K
Fujitsu K supercomputer is fastest in the world because he is able to perform up to quadrillion calculations per second, or the equivalent of 10 petaflops per second. Each unit CPU in it has 16 GB of RAM memory, with the total reaching 1,377 terabyte. Fujitsu K requires a power of 12 megawatts, equivalent to the electricity consumption at 30 thousand homes. Besides having the ability to make the world a better pharmacy, super computers can also be used to develop solar cells that can create a more effective energy.

The Tianhe-1A
The Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-1A was the one who called the fastest super computer. The Tianhe-1A, is able to
perform calculations up to 2.51 petaflops per second. CNN mengatakankan that this machine is intended for research to find a cure, hurricane and tsunami modeling, cancer research, car design and some other things.

  United States has created the world's fastest supercomputer. Jaguar supercomputer, located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, is being massively upgraded due to be completed in late 2012. Jaguar will change its name to Titan and capable of performing 20 quadrillion calculations per second, or about twice as much as Fujitsu K. Jaguar is to study alternative energy technologies and climate change.
  Super computer Sierra cared for by GE Global Research used research on the use of fuel-based injection. Super computer is aimed at accelerating the human understanding of fuel injection and can create cost-effective machine.

  IBM's Blue Gene supercomputer
  Rutgers University in New Jersey created the central High-Performance Computing (HPC) and supported by an IBM supercomputer Blue Gene / P. Like the manager said, the super computer is used in a variety of research, including cancer and genetic research, medical imaging and informatics, advanced manufacturing processes, climate and environmental research, and materials science.

  Super Computer Germany
  Team of experts from Dusseldorf, Germany maximize developed super computer from Control Data Corp. (CDC) 6600, which was introduced in 1965. Super computer is planned to be the most super super computer in the next generation. Because the device is super computers to simulate the workings of the human brain. But it seems, the public will not be able to enjoy this computer up to 12 years.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Tips On How To Choose A Good Laptop

Increasingly sophisticated technology, the existence of a laptop is easier for us in the conduct of daily necessities to surf in the virtual world as a replacement computer. Due to its simple and easy to carry everywhere.

The development of social networking as well as the freedom of people to access the internet via wi-fi in public spaces like shopping malls, cafes, schools, college campuses and other areas of the internet encourages people to buy a laptop. Note many kinds and types, types and brands offered by laptop manufacturers with a variety of attractive features, therefore, we must carefully choose the laptop with us considering the laptop is not a cheap item. Here a few things or tips what to look for when going to buy a laptop:

1. choose your laptop brand, here meaning the laptop brand is already well known, tested quality. It also widened the references because usually the brand synonymous with quality offered.